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    11 books by irving wallace requirements: epub reader | size: 5.134 mb overview: irving wallace (1916–1990) was an american best-selling author and screenwriter. wallace was known for his heavily researched novels, many with a sexual theme. one critic described him "as the most successful of all the many exponents of junk fiction perhaps because he took it all so seriously, not to say lugubriously". wallace was a blue-collar writer who wrote for a blue-collar audience. most critics were scornful of his novels' flat prose and pedestrian characters. wallace's name is not to be found in directories of writers, but he possessed the skill to entertain millions and he was seldom pretentious about it. genre: general fiction the almighty: when the hunger for power becomes a craving--a ruling obsession--it is not enough for a man like edward armstead to head a vast news empire. first he will want to shape the news - then manipulate and control it - and finally he will want to create it. the celestial bed: the celestial bed revolves around scientific issues of Sex. it is based on some of the Sex therapy techniques developed after masters and johnson, who created the term "sex surrogates." the title refers to the "celestial bed" marketed by the 18th century sexologist, james graham. one of the theories the book addresses is that certain individuals are ill-adjusted to normal Sex, and that this can have grave consequences. the book states that these issues can be solved, but only with the help of Sex surrogates. the patients must be taught practical sexual techniques by real people. the book also discusses whether Sex technicians — the people who provide the hands on learning — are prostitutes. the fan club: four men form a fan club devoted to worshipping Actress sharon fields, a blond bombshell. eventually the club kidnaps sharon, expecting her to fall in love with them. however, she does not become enamored of them, and they take turns raping her. she proves more intelligent than her captors, and "cooperates" with them, allowing her to survive and eventually triumph over them. wallace brilliantly shows how four normal, representative americans can be corrupted to such an extent following what seemed at first innocent dreams. it also brilliantly explores how social norms and pressures can lead you to do things normal society will consider immoral and unthinkable. it also fascinatingly portrays the story of four individuals who commit kidnapping, rape, and extortion but could still be sympathized by the readers. it is perhaps because no matter to what extent their character falls down, it essentially happens in such a seemingly natural way that it appears plausible that most of us would have done the same thing had we been in their place. interestingly, their immoral acts have not been justified by wrongs done to them by society but just a natural and bizarre unfolding of events and group dynamics. also, the four characters to the end retain some humanness about them. the golden room: welcome to the everleigh club --- the world's most sumptuous bordello. minna and aida everleigh, proprietors of the famous “house of pleasure” on chicago's levee, karen, the mayor's elegant, gorgeous secretary who is playing a dangerous masquerade, cathleen, the everleighs' socialite niece, a sweet southern girl soon to learn all about becoming a woman, alan, handsome heir to a chicago meat-packing empire, who may find the price of desire too high to pay, dr. holmes, a Serial killer whose everleigh club privileges may include picking out his next victim. destiny ignites their passions in the splendor of the golden room where every fantasy or fear can come true. the guest of honor: following the assassination of president prem sang of lampang, an island nation in the south china sea, his wellesley-educated wife, noy sang, assumes power. when she arrives in washington to ask president matt underwood for a huge loan, underwood is so smitten that he impulsively gives lampang an even heftier sum. formerly a Tv anchorman, this chief executive has an enchanting manner, a nonchalant management style, "middle-age syn drome" and a shrewish wife who was once miss america. ignoring his responsibilities, underwood periodically dashes off to join noy, even though their inadvisable frolic on a lampang beach is revealed by an investigative reporter. when a dangerous political foe orders her kidnapped, of course the president valiantly charges in and shoots one of her captors. these buffoonish characters give their sexual urges top priority--underwood runs for reelection merely to prolong his affair with noy. heads of state never looked so pitifully befuddled. the man : the time is 1964. the place is the cabinet room of the where house. an unexpected accident and the law of succession have just made douglass dilman the first black president of the united states. this is the theme of what was surely one of the most provocative novels of the 1960s. it takes the reader into the storm center of the presidency, where dilman, until now an almost unknown senator, must bear the weight of three burdens: his office, his race, and his private life. from beginning to end, the man is a novel of swift and tremendous drama, as president dilman attempts to uphold his oath in the face of international crises, domestic dissension, violence, scandal, and ferocious hostility. push comes to shove in a breathtaking climax, played out in the full glare of publicity, when the senate of the united states meets for the first time in one hundred years to impeach the president. the miracle: the vatican announces that the virgin mary will return to lourdes this year to perform a miracle cure! will it be a miracle? or will it be a fraud? precious lives, loves, and happiness are at stake: ken clayton: the young american who abandons medical treatment for the chance of miracle, edith moore: the englishwoman whose miracle cure has made her famous against her will, gisele dupree, the french girl whose desperation to escape lourdes will lead to violence, liz finch: the hard-bitten journalist who wants to "expose" lourdes and its miracles. at the climax comes a surprise twist that only master storyteller irving wallace could pull off. first published in 1984, the miracle has everything we expect from wallace at his best: rich, authentic detail, fast-paced plotting, suspense, and vivid characters. the prize: novelist andrew craig has not been sober in a very long time. after losing his wife in an auto accident he believes to have been his own fault, he turned to the bottle, and to his sister-in-law, leah, who acts as his caretaker and live-in nurse. then, when he is awarded the nobel prize in literature for his novel, "the perfect state," a historical jab at communism, he heads for stockholm, hoping to find a reason to live and to write. the other laureates have their own problems, a heart surgeon who believes that sharing his award with an italian colleague robs him of his glory, a married couple awarded the prize in medicine in the middle of a serious marital crisis, and others – including max stratman, whose heart isn't really up to the trip, but who needs the prize money to provide for niece, emily. this novel delves into the lives, loves, dreams and nightmares of these characters, and others, building a panoramic view of the nobel prize, life in stockholm, and the state of world politics in the years following world war ii. it is rich, and compelling, driving the reader from the pits of despair to the heights of inspiration. a wonderful novel by one of america's finest novelists. the prize was made into a movie starring paul newman. the r document: before the patriot act, there was the r document. as crime and violence threaten to engulf america, the president proposes a daring new amendment to the constitution, allowing the bill of rights to be suspended during times of national emergency. to its supporters, the 35th amendment is the only way to keep america from sliding into chaos. its opponents see the amendment as an outright attack on freedom. christopher collins, the newly-appointed attorney general, has reservations about the amendment, but feels confident that it would not be abused in the way its more hysterical opponents fear. then a deathbed confession from his predecessor warns him to beware of something called "the r document." what is the r document, and what does it have to do with the proposed 35th amendment? as state after state ratifies the amendment, pushing it ever closer to becoming the law of the land, collins must get to the bottom of an unimaginable conspiracy--before time runs out for the fundamental liberties of all americans. first published in 1976, irving wallace's bestselling thriller is more timely than ever before. the second lady: after years of plastic surgery and special training, the kgb substitutes a russian Actress for the american first lady and only journalist, guy parker, notices a few tiny, but telltale, inconsistencies. on a state visit to moscow, billie bradford, the beautiful and brilliant wife of the president of the united states, is abducted by the soviets and replaced by vera vazilova, a superbly trained russian undercover agent and Actress who is the first lady's physical double. the imposter's mission--to induce the president to reveal a u.s. secret that will drastically tip the world balance toward russia. but one false move--whether before Tv cameras or in the white house bedroom--can destroy the entire masquerade. and in moscow, billie also has a mission--to frantically seek ways to escape while daringly leading a soviet intelligence officer astray about the most intimate area of her married life. two women, each playing a treacherous game in a foreign land, each taking a desperate gamble in the arms of the other's lover--a world-shaking gamble that only one of them can win. the seven minutes: a bookstore owner is arrested for selling a copy of "the most obscene piece of pornography ever written." the notorious work - telling a woman's thoughts during seven minutes of sexual intercourse - is condemned not only for obscenity, but for having driven a respectable college boy to brutal rape and murder. overnight, the trial becomes a battleground where censors and anti-censors meet in open combat. at the center of the storm is michael barrett, lawyer for the defense. in his struggle to save the book, the trial, and his own future, barrett encounters a gallery of unforgettable characters - the leering producers of filthy stag films, a sexually permissive society girl, a ruthless electronics tycoon. all are caught up in this conflict over sexual freedom, perversion, nudity, obscenity, and human rights..