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  1. Blake Worthington Ladyboy Lust SheMale Erotica

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    Author: blake worthington title: ladyboy lust shemale erotica blake worthington presents four stories about ladies with a little something "extra" who explore new realms of their sexuality. she begged to be controlled in "the treasure of madre sierra," sierra is a dominant, cut throat corporate vp who hasn't let being a sexy shemale stop her from moving up the business ladder in a tough economy. however, deep inside her resides a naughty submissive lady boy who just wants to be submissive to a demanding alpha male. will she have the courage to give into her deepest desires anyone in the mood for mexican sausage in "chica chorizo," a businessman visiting a corporate office in mexico city is surprised to learn that the local vp he found to be a sexy and voluptuous woman is secretly a shemale. what surprises him more is what he lets the spicy manuela do to him that night. there's always a first time. in "locker room change," nick is a high school boy a little on the pretty and sweet side versus macho and manly. he feels different than the other boys, and he fantasizes about the new jock in school named sam. when sam corners nick in the locker room at the gym and demands that he put on a dress and wig "just for him," nick begins the transformation to nicky. just who's on the other side of that online chat in "you've got Shemail," an adventurous shemale finds herself exploring a fantasy of public Sex with her online blind date. just how far will she go with pedestrians walking by just a few feet away bonus story shetee she came from outer space a hunky college student spends a long, boring summer working in his uncle's iowa cornfield for extra cash. the days and nights drag by until one evening while star gazing a ufo unexpectedly lands in front of him in the middle of the field and a sexy, wellendowed shemale alien, shetee, emerges from the ship. it seems she's in a bit of dilemma. in order to make it to her ultimate destination, hollywood, she must create more fuel for her ship, and there's only one way to do that. she's going to need the college stud to open his mindamongst other things. this is one tgal that's out of this world.
    Blake Worthington - Ladyboy Lust SheMale Erotica

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